The Facebook Fan page is for you, all of you. It was created with the idea that fans might want a place where they could talk about the books. I created it spur of the moment, just in case people wanted to congregate and toss ideas about.

Imagine my surprise when the first hundred people showed up. It didn’t end there, more people showed up in trickles, and I thought I should give you all something back. That led me into the Facebook Live Chats.

Other authors do them too, but more as updates or vlogs. Mine are more celebration and Q&A for you, the fans, and I hold one for every month near the 15th. I run them at different days and times, so as many people as possible can try to attend one or more. During the Live Chat, I pick participating people and give away prizes—shirts, e-books, audio codes, and more. It’s one of the ways I try to give back for your support.

So, if you like my works and want to chat with like-minded others, the Facebook Fan Page is definitely a place to stop by. Hope to see you there, if you aren’t already.

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